The Dodo was a Dove; The Passenger Pigeon’s Coo Sounded Like Sleigh Bells; and The Original ‘Stool Pigeons’ Were Live Birds With Eyes Sewn Shut—Read All About the Horrors Man Bestowed Upon Gentle Doves in This Excerpt from Vanished Species

passenger pigeons

If you’re a pigeon fancier like us at Co-op Gaming Dot Info, you’ve probably imagined how loveable a giant dove, let’s say 50 pounds, could be. He and his flock would roam the earth like buffalos, belting out enormous coos and dancing in the horizon, their silhouettes like pom-poms beating in harmony with the breeze. …

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We’re Hating on Stadia: Google Turns a Blind Eye to Bandwidth Caps and U.S. Internet Infrastructure

Stadia bandwidth

This is the year 2019. We stream movies and TV shows in 4k, back up photographs to the cloud, take part in video conferences when we work from home, and live-stream video updates about our lives. Oh, and we play video games. We play them online with the help of clunky antiquated hardware—an Xbox, a …

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Five Things We Want For Borderlands 3

Borderlands 2 was the first co-op game we played together. Before we set up two Playstations and gamesharing, the Borderlands franchise offered a split-screen sanctuary to co-op gamers such as ourselves. We enjoyed Borderlands 2 so much that we played Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel and paid for Playstation Now to play the original Borderlands. The original …

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