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Ark Survival Evolved Review

Ark: Survival Evolved Review

ARK: Survival Evolved is an open-world sandbox survival game that can be played solo, privately with friends, or on public dedicated servers. It has an enormous die-hard fan base who have sunk thousands of hours into the game on every platform available. When a game has an army of supporters that outnumbers the North Korean military, there’s usually something awesome about it. If you watch ARK’s advertisements and trailers, you’ll think it’s a dinosaur game. Players slaughter behemoths in gorgeous jungles under the infinite sky.

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saltflats in ghost recon wildlands

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands: Review

Ghost Recon: Wildlands is the most pure and refined two-player video game we’ve ever played. It’s fitting that the game’s subject matter is cocaine—playing is a chemical-like experience where you’re locked into each moment, and clearing your head as the future unfolds is a struggle. Focus. That’s what Wildlands demands of its players, and the simple harmony of the game’s tools and design makes it achievable. Game time in Wildlands contrasts so starkly with other games that comparisons are comical. I was reminded of Monster

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ESO Review

Fear and Loathing in Tamriel: Elder Scrolls Online Review

It’s hard to believe that many gamers today—especially console gamers—have never experienced a massively multiplayer online roleplaying game. The labyrinthine systems and infinite grind at the core of The Elder Scrolls Online are familiar to anyone who cruised the pixelated forests of Everquest or World of Warcraft on a PC. These and other MMORPG arrangements—the repetitive quests, painful inventory management, hopeless loot drops, esoteric crafting and gear systems, and monthly subscription fees to go along with interminable pay-to-play expansions and DLC releases—seem bizarre and abhorrent

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dauntless embermane

Four Reasons We Uninstalled Dauntless

Here at Co-op Gaming Dot Info, we usually review games we’ve relentlessly played for months. For a game to keep our attention every night, it’s usually awesome. We wanted to give more coverage to games that we tried and decided not to play—games that didn’t give us a moment’s hesitation when we uninstalled them to make space for more exciting downloads. This column won’t provide an in-depth look at each game we uninstalled; we didn’t play them long enough to reach end-game or form strong

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Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker Review

In Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker, teams of four fight to the death or in missions involving the manga’s villains, heroes, and lovable tailed beasts. Ninjas jump and dodge through the air across sandy cliffs and cloud-drenched towers. They unleash fireballs, lightning attacks, and devastating special ninjutsu skills in conjunction with triangle-square weapon combos. The game animates beautifully and has some of the best combat we’ve tried, but PvP matchmaking issues and the modest quantity of PvE content made us quit before we dug deep into

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Five Reasons We Uninstalled Ghost Recon: Breakpoint

This year at Co-op Gaming Dot Info, we spent the dog days of summer playing Ghost Recon: Wildlands. We loved that game. We never wanted to stop playing it. We even played its DLCs. You can imagine how hotly we anticipated Breakpoint’s release. In fact, we dreamt of playing Ghost Recon indefinitely. We wanted to continue playing Wildlands and its DLCs until Breakpoint came out, and then start Breakpoint. If Breakpoint had decent PvP, perhaps we could milk our Ghost Recon fandom for an entire

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How We Optimized this WordPress Site’s Performance

The first iteration of this website was slow—dog slow. Using tools such as Google Pagespeed Insights or GTMetrix, the time for an entire page to load was typically in the 7- to 12-second range. Unacceptable! Using the same tools today, our pages load somewhere in

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passenger pigeons

The Dodo was a Dove; The Passenger Pigeon’s Coo Sounded Like Sleigh Bells; and The Original ‘Stool Pigeons’ Were Live Birds With Eyes Sewn Shut—Read All About the Horrors Man Bestowed Upon Gentle Doves in This Excerpt from Vanished Species

If you’re a pigeon fancier like us at Co-op Gaming Dot Info, you’ve probably imagined how loveable a giant dove, let’s say 50 pounds, could be. He and his flock would roam the earth like buffalos, belting out enormous coos and dancing in the horizon,

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Inside the Azurite Mine in Path of Exile

Path of Exile was released for PS4 on March 26th, and we’ve been enjoying it for the last month. We can’t resist a game crawling with mobs and flashing with glorious seizure-inducing skill animations. It’s hard to believe Path of Exile is free to play—we

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