Our bird may look adorable but he hates being petted. He lives to peck, preen, and poop. He also makes love with socks.

We are John and Genevieve and we are co-op zealots. We don’t want to play a game we can’t play together in our living room. We started out playing split-screen games but quickly realized that split-screen is dead. We set up a second console and gamesharing, which opened our gaming world to all online multiplayer games.

Despite being able to play the same game together online, co-op difficulties continued. It was hard to find group-joining instructions for certain games, and other games offered multiplayer functionality without telling you exactly what parts of the game you could play together or what benefit grouping up provided.

We started this website for other people who want to play exciting, modern Playstation games in their living rooms with their spouse, partner, roommate, or child. We can’t review or offer instructions for every game, but we can share our experience and let people know what it was like playing through the entire game with a partner. Most important, the two of us have vastly different amounts of gaming experience. If you’re committing to playing an entire game with someone else, you want to be able to participate with minimal rage or elitism.

Growing up, Genevieve did not play games. John started out on NES and Sega Genesis, then as a cruel thirteen-year-old discovered the pleasure of player-killing in Diablo 2. Neither of us gamed through college or the wild days of our early 20s.

Hearthstone was the first game we played together. John had downloaded it on his phone to play on his commute. Genevieve downloaded it too and we played independently. Opening random card packs, Genevieve received Dr. Boom, an (at the time) legendary card that was incredibly difficult to obtain and crucial to the best decks. In order for John to use the card, we played together on Genevieve’s account. Thus began a long period of playing Hearthstone together, eventually streaming and reaching Legend.

If it hadn’t been for Hearthstone, we would have never played games together. Hearthstone requires no manual dexterity to play, and Genevieve, like anyone who didn’t play games as a child, had zero controller proficiency. It has been a long journey filled with tears and exasperation to get to the point where she can accurately hit buttons. We hope that other people who want to play co-op with their wife or girlfriend will be encouraged to know that a woman who never touched a controller until the age of 29 could complete Veteran Dragonstar Arena in Elder Scrolls Online, beat elite gamer bros in several open world PvP games, or end up No. 1 ninja at the end of an S-rank Naruto to Boruto Shinobi Striker mission.

We prefer action/RPG games in which our characters can advance independently over weeks or months of consistent play. We love fighting games with rich combat and movement mechanics. Short, session-based PVP tends to exhaust us and leave us emotionally drained. We’re not the best, flashiest, or most erudite players of any particular game. Rarely do we rise above the ranks of the filthy casuals. We started this website merely to serve as a repository of games that can be played completely co-op and to share what the experience was like for us.

This Site’s Definition of “Co-Op” Isn’t Limited to Split-Screen

We use gamesharing and a setup with two consoles in order to play online multiplayer games as couch co-op.

Learn more about our setup here.